Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project
Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project

School/Daycares Checklist

for Requests to Spray for Mosquitoes

1) The school/daycares must have an outside IPM plan on file with the Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR).  

2) The school/daycares's IPM plan must identify mosquitoes as a pest and list the pesticide to be used as, Duet, with Prallethrin, Sumethrin and Piperonyl as the active ingredients, EPA reg. number 1021-1795-8329.


If the above conditions are in place, the school/daycare can request to be sprayed by using Project's Request for Spraying Form.  The form must be completed and faxed to the Project at (781)-582-1276.  Please be certain to include a return fax number.

After receiving your request, the Project will respond by faxing you a completed Standard Written Notification Form, which is our answer to your request and becomes the first of three documents that you will use to complete your required notification to students and parents.   View the Form that the Project will complete.

Below are the other two required parts of the notification process.  These can be downloaded and printed or simply linked to your website.


            (The National Pesticide Information Center web page states that some of its

            information is out of date, however this does not include the information on

            Pyrethrins & Pyrethroids.)

Notification Documents

The following documents are required to be part of the notification process:

Notification Options:

Most schools put the three documents on the school's website and direct parents to this information by use of an all call phone system or a letter brought home by students.

Notification Timing

Standard written Notification shall be issued to parents and employees no less than two working days and no more than seven working days prior to any pesticide application made to outdoor school property.

        a) Standard Written Notification shall be issued for every outside pesticide


        b) In the case of a situation where the pesticide application cannot be made on the

            proposed date, the application may take place during the following 72 hours

            without issuing a new Standard Written Notification.

        c) If a school administrator is aware of any scheduled use of outside property by

            youth groups, he or she shall inform the organizers of any such group regarding

            the proposed pesticide application.

The Children's Protection Act requires Schools/Daycares must include mosquito control in their IPM Plans if pesticide spraying  for mosquitoes is likely. (For the full text of the act and additional information follow the link above.)

For daycare exemptions please see the bottom of this page.

Additional Information

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) has specific expectations for school IPM plans. If you anticipate that spraying for mosquitoes may be necessary,  See Expectations.


If your school's IPM plan identifies mosquitoes as a pest to be controlled and the includes the pesticides listed above, you should not need to request an Emergency Waiver from your local board of health.  An Emergency Waiver will only be necessary if you need to waive the notification time requirements (less than two working days prior to spraying).

If a school has not identified mosquitoes as a pest and the above pesticides in their IPM plan, it can only be sprayed through the Emergency Waiver Process.  See Emergency Waiver Form

Records of pesticide applications must be kept on file for 5 years.

Day Care Exemptions

Any exempt program will have one of the following designations on their EEC issued license:

1. Family Childcare, 2. Family Childcare Plus,  3. Large Family Childcare

All other licensed childcare, daycare and after-school programs need to follow

the CFPA.