Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project
Plymouth County Mosquito Control Project



1.  Should I wash down toys and other items in the yard at the time of the application?


While you can if you wish it is not necessary to wash the items in your yard after the application.  Due to our low application rates any exposure from contact with these surfaces would be low and pose negligible risks.


2.  Should  I cover the pool before the application?


 It is not necessary to cover the pool before an application.  The residues in the pool will be very low and further diluted by the water in the pool.


3.  Should I close the windows and turn off my air conditioner?


The ULV vapor disperses readily and little movement of the material into open windows with screens would be expected.  However individuals with upper respiratory problems such as asthma may react to ULV applications and closing windows and turning off air conditioners is recommended to protect these individuals. 


4.  How long should I wait before I let my pet out?   


When the chemical is applied at the labeled rates there are wide margins of safety for humans, dogs, cats and other mammals.  Indoor pets my be "let-out" immediately following the application.  Outdoor pets may be left outdoors.


5.  How long should I wait before allowing the children to enter the yard?


The ULV vapor disperses very quickly after the application.  However, individuals with respiratory problems such as asthma may react to ULV application.  People with these health issues may want to wait an hour before resuming outdoor activities in treated areas. 


6.  When can I let my horse or other animal graze on the grass again?


While, there is no requirement to remove foraging animals from the site.  We recommend that if possible the animal be removed from the area while the application is occurring.  The animal can be returned to the site shortly afterward.  Any feed or water should be covered.


7.  How quickly does the chemical break down?


Sumithrin breaks down primarily through exposure to sunlight.  According to the World Health Organization, residues of sumithrin on certain plants and soils showed a half-life from less than one-day to 1-2 days, respectively.


8. How do I get on your no-spray list?


Please see the page "No spray list".

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