The State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board (the “Board” and/or “SRMCB”) oversees mosquito control in Massachusetts under the authority granted by MGL Chapter 252 and the several Acts of the Legislature creating mosquito control projects. The Board’s authority includes the responsibility to certify each project’s budget.

Mosquito Control Projects are considered trust fund expenditures.  PCMCP submits its proposed budget to the SRMCB for review.  Public meetings are held by SRMCB and the budget is reviewed at these meetings.  (For SRMCB meeting information please see their website.)  The budget also gets certified by the Office of the Comptroller.  Once the budget is reviewed and certified, the cost is divided among the member communities of  PCMCP.  A formula is used to divide the budget proportionally amongst the member city and towns.  The amount charged to each municipality is deducted from state aid (cherry sheet).

Information about the state's budget and cherry sheets can be found:


FY2018 SPENDING PLAN.pdf 380.5KB
FY2019 SPENDING PLAN.pdf 373.6KB