PCMCP employs several strategies to reduce mosquito habitat.  Habitat reduction has many advantages including decrease of adult mosquitoes and pesticide use.  Methods used:

  1. Maintenance of existing drainage. Associated with many roads or developments are ditches that fill in with road sand and organic debris.  This results in stagnant water where mosquito larvae can be found.  The project maintains existing drainage through the use of hand cleaning and excavators. 
  2. Open Marsh Water Management is the selective creation of pond and ditch systems on salt marsh.  New work in this program is tightly regulated by the Army Corps of Engineers and MA Department of Environmental Protection.  The goal of OMWM is to reduce mosquito production by increasing fish access to places that produce mosquitoes.
  3. Reduce containers through tire removal. Tire removal is the Project’s newest service that it provides to municipalities.  PCMCP works with its municipalities and residents to identify areas where tires have been improperly disposed of.  Once these areas are identified the tires are removed and taken to a tire recycler.
  4. Education regarding the need to remove containers around residential properties.