Controlling larval mosquitoes has several advantages over controlling adult mosquitoes.  The main advantage is that when the mosquito is killed in the immature life stage they never have an opportunity to become a pest or transmit disease.  Larval mosquitoes are found in areas with stagnant water such as wetlands or containers.  When we control larval mosquitoes it is called larviciding.  It is a targeted pesticide application that has the power to impact whole neighborhoods.  Larviciding is the Project’s primary method for controlling mosquito populations.  PCMCP has mapped over 3,500 sites where mosquito larvae can be found in the district.  We have many tools for larviciding ranging from small hand applications to aircraft.

An important part of our program is to reduce the risk of West Nile Virus through larviciding catch basins.  Catch basins or storm drains are common infrastructure that are known to produce the mosquitoes that transmit WNV.  The project has mapped and treats over 50,000 catch basins every year.

PCMCP is utilizing technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our larviciding program.  Not only have we mapped all our sites where we larvicide.  The Project has also mapped environmentally sensitive areas so we know where not to larvicide.  The software also tracks applications and reminds us to recheck sites.  These investments have doubled the number of larval sites checked per year.  PCMCP has also made significant investments in our aircraft by adding GPS tracking to our aerial applications.  This allows us to accurately map treatment areas, track the plane and monitor the application.

Residents can call the Project if they have an area they would like us to check for mosquito larvae.  When a request is received our staff will visit the site and determine the best course of action.  If no larvae are found no pesticides will be applied.  If larvae are found a pesticide application will be conducted.  The site will also be added to our database so future applications can be made.  You can all us at (781)585-5450.